Power Grid Enhancement Project

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    Java-Bali, Sumatra, Kalimantan and Sulawesi
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The project aims at satisfying the increasing demand of electricity by enhancing the transmission capacity of the grid to facilitate the supply of an additional 10,135 MW which is being planned to be installed within 2017 to 2019 timeframe in the project area. The project will enable procurement of 206 new power transformers which will be installed in 44 new substations as well as facilitate upgrading and extension of 85 existing substations. It will support the Government’s overall broader plan to achieve power sufficiency by efficiently transmitting the new 35,000 MW electrical power production capacity as indicated in PLN (State Electricity Company)’s long-term business plan.

A total of 129 high voltage transmission sub-stations are envisioned to benefit from IDB financing located in Java-Bali, Sumatra, Kalimantan and Sulawesi demonstrating IDB’s commitment to support the country’s economic development. Upon completion, projected by late-2019, the project will facilitate transmission of an additional 10,135 MVA contributing to the government’s overall goal of strengthening the power transmission grid capacity to supply 332 TWh (by 2020) from 228 TWh (in 2015) and increasing the electrification rate in the country to 97% from the current 84.3%.

The proposed project is in line with the strategic thrust of the IDB Group Vision 1440H, i.e. prospering the people by contributing to infrastructure-led economic growth. It also supports GoI’s overall goal to increase the access of electricity in the country to 97% from the current 84.3%. The Project will facilitate the development and growth of industrial and commercial sectors, particularly small and medium enterprises (SMEs), essential for creation of new employment opportunities in the country.

Other projects
Start of Project:

National Slum Upgrading Project

The National Slum Upgrading Program (NSUP) of GOI directly responds to the RPJMN (2015-2019) and has been designed in keeping with the principles highlighted to empower the community and to strengthen local government roles for acceleration of the ‘100-0-100’ movement (100% connection to water supply, 0% Slums and 100% access to Sanitation facilities) in order to alleviate and prevent slums in urban and peri-urban areas through infrastructure improvement and sustainable livelihood, for the period of 2016-2019.

Start of Project:

Coffee Project for Exporters in Medan

The IDB Group designed a US$1 million Murabaha trade finance operation in Indonesia for CV Ujang Jaya and CV Arvis Sanada in the coffee sector, to meet their pre-export financing requirements.

Start of Project: 2013

Sanimas-Community Based Sanitation Project

The project aims to provide basic sanitation services that will improve health and livelihood of communities and to increase the public awareness about Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH). The Community Driven Sanitation will help addressing the health issues induced by open defecation and poor sanitation by providing community based infrastructure for sanitation in 13 provinces with a demand responsive approach.

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