Sanimas-Community Based Sanitation Project

  • Project No.
    IND 0167
  • Location
    Aceh, Sumatra Utara, Sumatra Barat, Riau, Jambi, Sumatra Selatan, Bengkulu, Lampung, Bangka Belitung, Jawa Barat, DKI Jakarta, Banten, Kalimantan Barat
  • Start of project

The project aims to provide basic sanitation services that will improve health and livelihood of communities and to increase the public awareness about Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH). The Community Driven Sanitation will help addressing the health issues induced by open defecation and poor sanitation by providing community based infrastructure for sanitation in 13 provinces with a demand responsive approach.

The overall specific objectives of the project are: to increase the number of households in 13 provinces connected to an improved sanitation facilities, to install functional but easy to use and maintain wastewater treatment plants in 13 provinces; to improve the disposal of sewage and sludge and to eliminate any potential contamination for human being and the environment, and to train local communities in maintaining these facilities.

The project is in line with the IDB Vision and Mission of 1440H, which lays high emphasis on achieving comprehensive human development through poverty alleviation and improving health. The project is in line with Indonesia MCPS (2011) and the country strategy with the Medium Term Plan aiming to eliminate open defecation by 2014.

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