The Development and Quality Improvement of Institute for Islamic Studies (IAIN) Sunan Ampel Surabaya in Indonesia

  • Project No.
    IND 0157 and 0158
  • Location
    Surabaya (East Java)
  • Start of project

The Development and Quality Improvement of the Institute for Islamic Studies (IAIN) Sunan Ampel Surabaya project specifically aims to improve the access, quality and relevance of the IAIN through expansion of facilities, acquisition of equipment, curriculum and skills development programs.

The project is aligned with the IDB Vision 1440H and the Bank’s Comprehensive Human Development and Poverty Reduction Strategy (CHDPRS). The project is part of the Education and Skills Development Pillar of the Member Country Partnership Strategy (MCPS) (2011-2015) for Indonesia. It is also consistent with the Indonesia Medium Term Development Plan 2010-2014, of which the 7th pillar aims at enhancing the quality of human resources, in order to increase productivity.

The project will improve access to the Institute through the construction of seven new buildings along with their supporting infrastructure and renovation of six existing buildings. The supporting infrastructure includes electricity and fiber optic connectivity, fire protection systems, etc.

It also supports the quality and relevance of the Higher Education institutions through activities such as curriculum development, acquisition of equipment. The IAIN will collaborate with the Ministry of Religious Affairs to implement curriculum development and selected lecturers will be given the opportunity to pursue their Doctorate and Master’s degrees. Trainings will also be conducted to enhance the quality of the teaching system in the Institute.

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The Project will facilitate the development and growth of industrial and commercial sectors, particularly small and medium enterprises (SMEs), essential for creation of new employment opportunities in the country.

Start of Project: 2011

Reconstruction and Upgrading of State University of Padang (UNP) Project

The IDB Group and the Government of Indonesia are collaborating to improving the access and quality of teaching and learning at the Universitas Negeri Padang (UNP – State University of Padang), West Sumatera, as a part of its Humanitarian Emergency Response and Rehabilitation Package for the Earthquake in Sumatera, Indonesia.

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