The Quality Improvement of Padjadjaran University Project

  • Project No.
    2IND 0140 and 0141
  • Location
    Jatinangor, West Java
  • Start of project

The project aims to support the Educational Sector Strategy of the Government of Indonesia to develop the national competitiveness through the increasing the intellectual and welfare level of the community. It will specifically improve the quality of the Padjadjaran University (Unpad) graduates by improving the facilities for supporting three kinds of services namely; education, research and community service activities.

The project is aligned with the IDB Vision 1440H and the Bank’s Comprehensive Human Development and Poverty Reduction Strategy (CHDPRS). The project is part of the Education and Skills Development Pillar of the Member Country Partnership Strategy (MCPS) (2011-2015) for Indonesia. It is also consistent with the Indonesia Medium Term Development Plan 2010-2014, of which the 7th pillar aims at enhancing the quality of human resources, in order to increase productivity.

The project intends to improve the learning and research infrastructure of the University by constructing 18 new buildings and supporting infrastructure, which includes a water treatment plant, access roads, drainage systems, parking area, as well as electricity and computer networks. The design has also taken into consideration seismic design parameters. The project will upgrade the learning/research facilities through the supply of fixtures, laboratory equipment and furniture.

Teaching and research quality improvement is also a component of the project, clusters as the curriculum and skill development program. The curriculum development program, for example, is conducted in collaboration with the Ministry of National Education, involving overseas programs for lecturers to pursue Doctorate and Master’s degrees and other training.

Unpad was established based on the initiative of prominent society members of the West Java eager to have a higher institution to prepare the young generation of West Java for serving as future leaders. Unpad is one of the six top national universities and ranked the 3 National Public Universities with largest register students.

Other projects
Start of Project: 2011

The Regional Roads Development Project (RRDP)

The overall objective of the Project is the promotion of sustainable economic growth and poverty reduction in Southern Java and Northern Kalimantan as a whole and the project areas in particular. The primary outcome is improved transport accessibility and connectivity.

Start of Project:

National Slum Upgrading Project

The National Slum Upgrading Program (NSUP) of GOI directly responds to the RPJMN (2015-2019) and has been designed in keeping with the principles highlighted to empower the community and to strengthen local government roles for acceleration of the ‘100-0-100’ movement (100% connection to water supply, 0% Slums and 100% access to Sanitation facilities) in order to alleviate and prevent slums in urban and peri-urban areas through infrastructure improvement and sustainable livelihood, for the period of 2016-2019.

Start of Project: 2015

Development of Four Higher Education Institutions Project

The principal development objective of the project is to support the higher education strategy of the GOI (2015 – 2019), which aims at improving national competitiveness through innovation in Higher Education (HE).

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